Have a Hip Hop Happenin’ Halloween with

Mutilations of favorite Christmas Carols and some Killer new, original raps!

10 Halloween Music Videos one DVD!

Songs also available separately on CD.

Halloween Scarols are the first-ever Hip-Hoppin-Halloween MusicVideos.

“Count Rapula” could send the “Monster Mash” to its grave.

These are major crowd-pleasers.

Boys and Ghouls from 2 to 102 will dig these bone tappin’ hits!

The music videos can be used in illusions like BigScreamTV Vols 1-3.

A MUST for Parties!

5 tunes have "Sing-Alongs!"

Get Down with Count Rapula!

He's Kickin' it, Old Ghoul!

Listen to some samples

“Twas the Night of Halloween” 3:17
“Out on a Doorstep” 1:44
“Scary Big Green Frankenstein” 1:57
“Popcorn Balls” 1:30
“Count Rapula” 3:41
“Haunt the Halls” :43
“13 Days of Halloween” 4:26
“Oh Pumpkin Patch” 1:31
“Monsters We Have Heard Tonight” 1:07
“We Wish You a Happy Halloween” 2:05
See the Lyrics

Includes an Extras section

that shows you optional

tricks and effects you can do

with the video images.


Q: What are Halloween Scarols?

A: Halloween Music and Music Videos. 8 are "mutilated"

Christmas Carols, 2 are hip hop Halloween rap

originals including “Count Rapula.”

Q: Are they for kids? (Are they “G-rated?”)

A: Yes. They are “G” and many songs kids will love!

Q: Can I do tricks with them like “BigScreamTV?”

A: Yes! There is a “Tricks and Tips” section. You can

make these heads float in the air or in frames just

like BigScreamTV.

Q: Are they available on CD?

A: Yes. You can listen to them in the car, at work, etc.

Q: Will teens like these?

A: Yes, especially the two hip-hop Halloween raps. No

one can resist Count Rapula...he’s just too ghoul!

Q: What exactly is the product?

A: A DVD or a CD.

Q: What do I need to use the product?

A: A TV and DVD player for the DVD.

A CD player for the CD.

Q: Is there a Sing-Along section?

A: Yes. You can follow the bouncing pumpkin to

“Out on the Doorstep,” “Popcorn Balls,”

“Haunt the Halls,” “Pumpkin Patch,”

“Monsters We Have Heard Tonight”

Q: Where can I get the lyrics?

A: Right Here: LYRICS

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Halloween Scarols is a registered trademark of Bill Lae and Bob Rogers.